Basic Science & Humanities

An engineer is someone who combines knowledge of science, mathematics, and economics to solve technical problems that confront society

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The Science & Humanities Department of SNGIST was established in 2010 and is bestowed with sufficient number of sincere, competent and experienced teachers. It guides and motivates the students particularly those of the first year B.Tech irrespective of their branches in all their emotional, intellectual and psychological development.  The subjects handled are Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry & Environmental Studies, Economics and Communication skills.



1.         To give focused attention to create engineers with strong mathematical background.

2.         To develop a link between the basic concepts of physics and engineering.

3.         To inculcate the relevance of chemistry in the arena of engineering technology and to generate an idea about the major environmental issues and their control.

4.         To improve communication skill of the students and hence enrich their self-confidence.

5.         To create an awareness among the students about the economic system of the country and how to apply the knowledge of economics in real-life scenarios.





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