Education Career


NSS Program Officers

Mr. Pravid Vijay
Program Officer

Asst. Professor (M.E)
Ph: 7907074578

Ms. Rebecca Aswathy Joseph
Program Officer

Asst. Professor ( M.Tech)
Ph: 8921658917

Mrs. Ayana T. R.
Assistant Program Officer

Asst. Professor (M.Sc, B.Ed)
Ph: 8157985718

Ms. Shilpa Shaju
Assistant Program Officer

Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
Ph: 9526677804

NSS Activities

VS MEET (28-05-2022 & 29-05-2022)
A state level meet for volunteer secretaries of NSS Units from all over Kerala was conducted at SNGIST College. Students of S3 and S5 B. Tech were actively involved in the meet.

Blood Donation Camp (26-09-2022)
Blood donation was conducted in association with Rotary club, Inner wheel club, and Rajagiri Hospital by S3 and S5 B. Tech students. 60 units of blood was collected.

Rudhirasena Orientation (3-12-2022)
Orientation class for blood donation was taken by Ms. Sahadiya Salam (Rudhirasena regional coordinator) for NSS volunteers of Unit 242 and Unit255.

Orientation on NRPF & Treetag (21-12-2022)
An orientation class was given by Mr. Rythin Varghese (NRPF & Treetag Regional Coordinator) for all NSS volunteers

NSS Camp (23-03-2023 to 29-03-2023)
A seven day NSS camp was conducted for NSS volunteers of both Units 242 and 255 from 23rd of March to 29th of March 2023. The project work included cleaning and painting work at Govt. MIUP School, Veliyathunadu, Karumaloor. Various orientation classes were also conducted during the camp.