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Specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business and Systems are being offered in club-1.jpgthe second year of the MBA course. In order to increase the general awareness and business orientation in their specific elective choices students are inducted into the Marketing Club, Finance Club, HR Club, IB Club or Systems Club as the case may be, in the first year itself. The thrust in these clubs is to enable students to improve their own knowledge base and become exposed to industry trends in the various areas. This is done through group discussions, sectoral studies, quiz programs and business games.

Club Activities

  • Conduct competitions, seminars, group discussions and guest lectures  in the field of Computers and Information Technology.
  • Conduct Quiz competition, Paper presentation, Software contests etc., for students.
  • Conduct  National level Technical workshops.
  • Apart from the above, every year Management Fest and IT Fest are organized by MBA and MCA department respectively


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