In-house activities

The Faculty of Management Studies conducts a host of In-house activities every week for the MBA juniors and seniors. While the junior students of  MBA takes part in bridge course, rope-in, out bound training activities and field trips  , the Senior students are involved in participating various Fests in other B-Schools, Collage making, team and confidence building exercises, Environmental awareness activities,  Quiz participations,  conducting food festivals, HR, Marketing, Finance Club activities etc


SNGIST -15th Batch MBA Foundation programme-Corporate Visit to UST Global


SNGIST -15th Batch MBA Foundation programme-Training Session

As part of the foundation programme, the new batch of MBA students at SNGIST attended a training session by Adv. Dinesh,a trainer of repute on 19th June 2017.The training session consisted of games and activities through which he sought to motivate the students and make them realise that opportunities exist in the world and it is upto them to grab them by being agile and confident.


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