Library Rules



The library is open from 8.30 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. on all days,  except Sundays and Holidays.
Internet browsing facilities are available from 9.00 A.M.6.30 P.M.


The following categories of persons shall be allowed admission in the library

(a) All members of the SNGIST (Staff and Students)
(b) Any other person with permission of the Director / Librarian / Dy Librarian / Assistant Librarian
(c) Provided that the right of admission shall be denied to a person if in the opinion of the Director/ Librarian / Deputy Librarian / Assistant Librarian, he / she is:

  • Of unsound mind
  • Intoxicated
  • Improperly dressed

Also provided the Dy. Librarian shall act in the absence of the Librarian and the Assistant Librarian shall act in the absence of both the Librarian and the Dy. Librarian.


Persons acquiring right of the admission as under rule 2. above, before entering /leaving the library hall shall:

(a) Sign a register (gate register) specially provided for the purpose by legibly filling all the columns. The signature shall ensure that the person concerned agrees to abide by the rule and regulations of the library.
(b) Deposit all personal belongings; such as attach case, umbrella, file, private books (s), etc. at the property counter of the library. He / She can take only loose sheets inside the library.
(c) Shall allow the security personnel at the entrance of the library to examine everything they passes in to or goes out of the library.


The following categories of persons shall become members of the SNGIST Library by default:

(a)All the Students of SNGIST
(b)All the regular Non-Teaching Staff of SNGIST
(c)All regular Teaching Staff of SNGIST


(a) The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted to the members only.
(b) Each member will be issued Identity Card and Readers Ticket according to the category to which he/she belongs to.
(c) The Identity Card and Readers Ticket are non-transferable.
(d) Members must come to the library personally and produce his / her Borrower Card in the issue counter to take books on loan.
(e) Membership of a student shall remain valid till he /she remains on the roles of the College.
(f) The librarian may recall any book from a member at anytime, without assigning any reason.
(g) Reference Books, CDs, Newspapers, Periodicals and Dissertations / Projects shall not be issued.
(h) NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE: A No Objection Certificate may be issued to members only on surrendering all readers tickets issued (if lost, a penalty of Rs.50/- for each card will be levied).


Members can borrow books by using the reader’s ticket and the ID card

Category Number of Books Loan Period
Student 4 10 Days
Staff 10 1 Month
Non-Teaching Staff 4 1Month

Special issues

For getting this facility student should have to give a written request to Librarian recommended by the concerned faculty; ie. Class coordinator or project guide.

Study Leave: After declaring the study leave to 1st Examination, then he/she can renew the books up to the last Examination (Study Leave: batch wise request)

Project Period: Starting date to return date (individual request, highlighting the details of the books)

To use Information Reference Service and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility, members should come with their identity card.


Books not available on the shelves as well as the latest arrivals on the display, maybe reserved by filling in cards available at the circulation section / Online. Reservation is only for 15 days, after that it will be deleted. If reserved book is available in the library it will be kept only for 3 days (readers should have to inquire about the availability of the books) then it will be passed  on to the next user in the reservation queue.


Books, if they are not reserved, can be renewed for a further period of 10 days by bringing the books to the library (only 1 renewal is allowed). Loan and reservation for the same book is allowed only after 3 days. Librarian can check the renewal date at any stage of the book issue.
Frequently reserved books are lent only for 10 days, no renewal will be allowed.


The Members are responsible for the Library borrower card issued to them

  • Loss of Library borrower cards should be reported to the Circulation section and Text-books section immediately and fill up the application form available.
  • Duplicate Library borrower card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/-(per card) after one week’s time from the date of application.
  • Members shall be responsible for any loss which library may suffer through the loss or misuse of their borrower card [Form:REPORT OF LOSS OF BORROWERS CARD- SNGISTLIB/F23A]


  • Members are responsible for the books issued to them. Users are required to check all items before they are taken out of the library and report mutilation or damage, if any, immediately.
  • Members shall not write upon, damage or mark any book belonging to the Library.
  • Loss of Library books should be reported to the circulation section and Text-books section immediately and fill up the application form available.
  • In case of loss of book by the borrower he/she shall either replace the book or bear its cost.
  • If the book of a multi volume set is damaged or lost the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set. User will be asked to pay for the books , lost or returned in mutilated condition ie. (Overdue charge + 3times the original price of the material + processing charges). [Form: REPORT OF LOSS OF BORROWED BOOKS- SNGISTLIB/F22A]

11. OVER DUE CHARGE (fine)

Books returned after the due date, fine will be charged at the rate of:
Rs.1/day for first 2 days Rs.5/day exceeding days , for each delay.


For taking the photocopies readers should have to fill up the request form available in the library and pay the amount in advance. On the following day, the readers can collect the photocopied item from the library by submitting the receipt of the amount paid.


(a)Personal belongings such as books, bags, cases, printed materials, mobile phones, covers, projects/dissertations, food items etc. must be left at the property counter. However, the library will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property left in its premises. If one finds difficulty in using the library or in locating any specific information, contact our staff at the Reference desk.
(b) Silence is a must inside the library. Discussions, combined study and other collective activities that make noise shall be avoided.
(c) Mobile phone in vibration mode only is permissible inside  
(d) Member shall not smoke or spit in any part of the library.
(e) While browsing books, no book should be replaced by the user themselves..
(f) Books once picked out from the stack should be left on the reading table if not issued out.
(g) Underlining, marking, folding of pages, etc. in the book is strictly prohibited.
(h) Upon any infringement of the library rules, members shall forfeit privileges of admission and membership of the library.
(i) The Director / Librarian reserves the right to suspend or delinquent membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.
(j) The members caught tearing of pages/stealing books or otherwise mutilating books will be suspended forthwith from using  library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her by the college.
(k)Always use the Online Library Catalogue (OPAC) / Printed Catalogue (for Project Reports)
(l) Digital Library: Question Papers, Project reports and Other Articles are available in PDF (Printable document format) (
(m) Online Journals-PROQUEST and J-Gate are available through the website
(n)DELNET– Inter Library loan (ILL)facility and photocopies of Journal Articles are available through this National Network.
(o) Library Committee: Members- Director, Librarian, HODs from each Department, Student  Representatives from each course.

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